Forward Motion

Faith is Freedom

As we move forward, closer to our closing date on our soon to be home; there are only a few loose ends we must tie up. I’m beyond happy to even be to this point after the last three years of craziness. Just the last year was like living a lifetime of chaos!

This with a history making virus hitting the world hard, I was unsure if we would be able to make this date happen. But so far everyone is pushing through and I thankful for it!

As I have written already many times before, we are currently living in temporary housing. My husband and I, along with our kids have only a suitcase of clothing, obvious hygiene items, the things we need for work and school and of course our dogs! Not much to get by with for three months. No comforts of a real home.

We have been living this way for over to 90 days in a somewhat furnished apartment. It’s the understatement to say that we want to have our packed up life back soon! Especially, when it will be in a home that’s ours. This new place will our home and we get to create it however we want. I cannot wait!

But we have this crazy pandemic hanging over us and the rest of the world at the moment and it isn’t ideal. It’s scary and trying at times but I know all this struggle will be worth it in the end. God knows I’ve been through worse control and hard times just in the last year and I was alone then. The Lord has made me strong and I am most definitely not alone anymore!

It’s a crazy and at times, difficult balance to be open and aware of the world but at the same time focus on your little life. I sometimes think that if everyone would spend a little more time improving their own life, becoming more patience and growing in more positive, loving relationships the whole world would be a happier, healthier and safer place.

That’s why I have had to take a step back on close the door on the somethings in this world. I still look out the window and see what’s going on but I hardly join much anymore. I’ve made and will continue to make efforts to become a more grounded person. Keep strengthen my relationship with God and being thankful for everything He lays before me. Even the struggles that have molded me to be this super funny, caring and smart women. I am nothing with Him.

So there’s a pandemic and it’s so scary but I will find the good in this too. I know there’s many that will never agree with me on all the ways this could possible be a good thing and that’s okay. For me finding at least one thing to be thankful for is how we get by some days and others, it’s how we thrive and raise to a real place of peace and find the tiniest bit of comfort in our days.

So being rushed to buy a home in a national crisis isn’t ideal at all but we are buying a home and it’s in a place that speaks to my heart. I love it there and I know this is all God moving me forward. For that, I am thankful. So incredibly grateful for His love and guidance in my life every single day.

I pray over these next few months that will become years, that we can make this little piece of forest a beautiful sanutray to live and thrive in everyday. A safe place to improve ourselves, our relationships and get that joy back in our hearts again. It’s been a long and confusing road for me and my family but I see the sun coming out and it stunning!

I don’t need a vacation from this place. This place is a vacation.


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