Where Does Our Alliance Lay?



My Morning thought

There are so many things that steal our trust, our loyalty and allegiance away from God. We don’t always want to admit it but it’s absolutely true. Everyday we give our allegiance to someone or something. We follow something or someone and put all our trusting, all our heart and soul in “fill in the blank” for our safe keeping.

Right now for many, it’s in the Government, Science, Money, the Military and even in ourselves, not realizing without God none of those things would even exist.

This was my Bible message this morning as I sat outside with my little fur companion, Ella and drank my coffee. I think God, more and more is reminding me to keep trusting Him. That I’m in safe hands, no matter what happens, God will provide. With or without me… Life with be okay. Everything with be okay. 

I have no need to get frustrated or angry, no more worry or panic. My future is handled. I’ll be okay.  



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