My Thought This Morning

I’m praying that I can somehow create heaven to flow through me. That I don’t just say the words or read to versus but can see the way God would have me see.


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  1. It comes by studying your Bible and praying, having a relationship with Jesus. Ask Him to lead you in prayer and in His word to the things that you need for the things that will help you get closer to Him.


    1. I’m trying to focus on Him harder. Pray more… be all faithful. This world is a mess. I tell you if it were just me it’d be one thing but I have these precious little souls to protect and guide on this Earth and that adds a crazy element of fear and anxiety. I’d do anything for them… I worry about making the right choices by my family in a world so backwards.


      1. He knows exactly how you feel. So do I! And the reason I said to do those things is that they were what is on my heart to tell you and they’re daily things. Keep doing this and you’ll get stronger. The enemy is out to make us fear as much as humanly possible. But Jesus is trying to tell us that in Him is strength and peace.


      2. You are right! Fear is running rapid and I know it. It’s everywhere. I’ve had to limit What I see, read, hear… I can’t take it. People are too ugly right now… I see to much hurt and I feel way to much of it. I don’t want to be part of the pack… I could feel myself falling.
        I am do better little by little. Your prayers and encouragement help


  2. This is my uneducated opinion ❤

    As a mother, think of the relationship you have with your own children. Think of all that you want for them…ultimately you want them to be happy and healthy for them to love all that is good. But as you well know, your children will have their good days and bad days, their ups and downs…you can guide them, nurture them, feed them, love them and try to protect them from all the negative influences…but they will grow and develop their own personalities. Your role as a parent is to do all the above and to keep working at keeping the line of communication open. You want them to turn to you as their loving parent who would give everything to keep them living and loving life…rather than them listening to people who do not really care about them, and just try to draw them towards what is unhealthy and harmful.

    Praying and reading God’s word is choosing to to allow our Creator to be the wonderful father that he is. Even when you have good days and bad days, ups and downs, he is not going to stop loving you and wanting you to be happy, healthy and good.

    I know you mentioned you had been through a rough time recently and although I don’t know what that involved, I do know that when I had trials, my human parents and my Creator were always ready to help me recover and build my strength back up. Sometimes the biggest disappointments I faced were when I was disappointed in myself. But that is when I really appreciated that our parents and our Creator care so much about helping us to be a better person and to grow.

    Anyway…I am sure you know very well how to do what is good, and you are very eager to stay close to your Creator…who wants you to thrive.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a caring comment. All your words means so much because they’re true.
      My family and I move just about every year and half and it’s so difficult to have anything that Resembles normalcy living that way. It’s very lonely and I watch my kids battle losing friends and trying to find new ones… being the new kids over and over again. It’s painful and a grueling process every time we go through this. Now add a pandemic to the mix. My children emotionally well-being is being effected by this greatly. I’m doing my best but my hands are tied. It’s beyond frustrating and caused me anxiety! All I can do it pray. I’m lonely too. How can we ever grow roots anywhere? Make a real home? This place is supposed to be some place we could stay longer… But who knows. I just wish everything could go back the way it was.
      Thank you again for caring.


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