Accountability Health Check|Five: Last One

Accountability Health Check 2/1-2/8

My last official post about my overall health, update>>

I was almost sad when I thought about this being my last Health check but then I remember that this blog belongs to me and I write about whatever I want. Ha! But I did only give myself 30 days to see what I could do. Sooo….Let’s see how I did!

The weekend

I sucked. Well, I’m being honest. I had the best freaky time though! We went to Ocean City and saw the Jersey Shore. We drove around the area looking for homes and sadly realized we just can’t live that close to ocean.

We had lunch on the boardwalk! Grace and I had some of the best sausage and pepperoni pizza ever! I’ll never look at pizza that same! Tristan got an Italian Hoagie (it’s not a sub around here) and Jason had a philly cheesesteak and fries.  His mission is to try every Philly Cheesesteak out there!

I did not eat well for lunch or for dinner! Dinner, I was the one eating a cheesesteak and Jason was better and had wings. I totally blew it when it came to food but I had a great day. We went and looked at houses and really didn’t see anything that we liked but one house, which I did blog about a few days ago. Breaking The Cycle|Discovering My Truth Please check it out, the title doesn’t really explain what it’s all about. It’s a different post for sure but it’s from the heart… mine.

I didn’t workout over the weekend other than some walking around but I don’t normally have a real workout on the weekends. We did get out of the house and see our new State a little more. After a week of being trapped in the house taking caring of sick kids, it was welcomed!

The week-

Monday-Friday |out of the norm

I was ready to get Gracie back in school for her health and for mine! I had already been to the hospital with her on Friday. ( Did I forget to mention that last week?) Gracie, was done with her antibiotics, to help her chest clear and clear up her ear infection. The girl was/is a damn mess for what is seeming like FOREVER! Over the weekend we thought she was getting better but she struggled and was really sleepy. Monday I got her up to try and go to school. I made sure to give her plenty of time to get ready. She fought it hard, she begged and pleaded with me to stay home. She cried her eyes out on the couch, begging me not to take her to school. But I took her anyway.

This is hard for the mom part of me and then the teacher part of me. I want her to go because she’s been out of school for 5 days now and even the doctor is telling me to take her back to school on Monday. I don’t want her to fall behind and frankly, she is!

Then the other part of me hates to see her so devastated. She was still coughing-but coughs linger. She was still wiping her noses all the time- but runny noses linger. She is still sneezing…maybe I should of kept her home?

Well, I went in to her school with her doctor’s note in hand and the nurse took one look at Grace and said take her back home. She’s been home Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, she tired but the nurse called me by 1pm to come get her because her ear was all red inside still and now she has a headache. Thursday, Grace was home also….Friday, I had to have her go! This was the most she had missed ever in life! 8 1/2 day of school missed!

To top that off her brother is sick now! He started to feel bad Saturday night. At first, I thought it was because of some unfortunate family drama that he was pulled into that made him super sad and depressed but Sunday he was full-blown sick. Tristan had a fever, cough, sore throat and very stuffed up… Great! So Tristan has home sick for 4 days but Friday I had to kick him out too! Back to school you go!

Fresh air is good for you! Get some!

It’s difficult not being able to maintain my normally routine that I keep during the week, when I’m caring for sick kids. I can’t just leave the house and take a walk around the lake, every workout is interrupted by cries for more drinks or snacks and just wanting me to sit there with them.

Food was different too. I just didn’t think about to much while caring for my kids. But I have no cares in the world on the weekends but during the week days- normally, I intermittent fast. I don’t eat much at all in between the times these times that I am fasting. I drink my coffee as you all know and lots of water but that’s it. Normally.

With Kids here…we ate soup and I ate it some too. Who doesn’t like chicken noodle soup when it’s homemade! The best ever! I ate way too many oatmeal cookies but I didn’t do horrible…just not great.


 Monday-  Wednesday- Thursday- Friday

Workouts for me should at this point be -me sweating way more than I am. I’m not sure why I get sore so easily. I think back to when I was in high school and even in College and how I was punishing my body in the gym. I would go and go even if the pain was insanely bad. Now I just don’t like it.

Maybe it’s because I use to be able to sleep. I remember sleeping for a full 8 hours maybe even 9 hours, all the way through the night. It was magically. When I woke up I could close my eyes and go back to sleep. I had a person at school that took care of all my aches and pains without putting me on a single drug. Sports medicine trainers were the best! They would ice me up, heat me, wrap me, massage me, stretch me, pop me, crack me…those were the days! I swear they were better than any doctor I ever went too.

I’m older now…not in JLo years but in normal people, that are not rich years. My body has been abused terribly in some ways and that pain that last for months, from a blown blown workout, just doesn’t seem worth it now. Especially, when I never see true results no matter what hell I put myself through. And I’ve been through it all.

I think after my weight results came…which I’ll share at the end….I know it’s not for nothing but it’s not everything either. Balance is where it’s at.107+ EXCLUSIVE Love Yourself Quotes to Make You Stronger - BayArt

My workouts this week were lighter than the past weeks. I didn’t use the workout bands but once and not as hard. I did more push ups, sit ups, crunches and a variety of other core exercisers but was interrupted by my children and phone calls throughout. I did this everyday but not on Tuesday. Tuesday I cleaned my house like a crazy women and went to an eye appointment! (New glasses yay!)

The other days of the week I did my boring old squats along with the core workout. I did this two day of the week, Wednesday and Friday. Friday I also was able to get a short walk in since BOTH my kids were finally back at school! It was raining but I didn’t care! Being outside and in my normal routine felt amazing!


Sunday -Friday

As I stated above already, I ate some pretty good food over the weekend and I don’t regret it! I had the best time and I didn’t over eat. I stopped when I full. We only ate once in the day really and we were happy. That’s what I care most about!

During the week I could of done better for sure and I need to no doubt. I noticed this week of being home all week with sick kids and order in more, eating food that I wasn’t eating as much of before, I’m not feeling as great. My energy level is lower. I don’t like that.

So I did have an off week and I’ll give myself some grace in that but also I have to kick own butt and do better. I can’t give in all the time just because it feels good…or taste good. I know that.Accountability quote

This wasn’t a bump in the road but maybe a little knock to say, “Hey you can have fun but be smart!” I think I know how to do that. I’m still moving forward.

Mental Health-

Life-Coach/Counseling Meeting

Every Thursday or once a week I get to speak with my Life-coach and/or counselor. We make an action plan for the coming week and help me figure out how or what I will need to do to accomplish the task.

This weeks’ action plan for me was to stop having two Sarahs and be the more confident Sarah all the time. I have the Sarah that runs life very well during the day and handles things pretty well most the time. Other than being questioned and made fun of often, I manage just fine running my life and basically everyone else’s.

Then I have the other sarah (little “s”) that comes out when Jason gets home. She makes no choices, decisions and has no real options. She is subdued and submissive, feels trapped and very resentively so. She hates that she’s allowed this and now can’t get out of it. Then when Jason leaves again. the CEO Sarah comes back out and is the boss running life again just fine. This Sarah is more outspoken, more confident and proud of herself. She’s not as timid as the other sarah. It’s very strange because I’m obviously both people.

It felt really great being able to say that I was able to keep the confident Sarah out, no matter where I was or who I was around. There were a few times it was hard but I took on more and I handled it. I kept my head up and hit my knees in prayers. When I would get any kind of attitude or push back, I didn’t really react to it at all. I just keep moving on. I wasn’t going to back down or start questioning myself . Yet, I know there are times that I will need help and that’s good. I don’t know everything and I can’t do all by myself. However, I am totally capable of so much and I am so sick of being caged. It felt and FEELS great being in charge of my life…moving forward.

I still need to finish up some Couple questions but Jason and I plan on doing that over Valentine’s. Encouragement Wednesday~ 04/24/19 - Edward Charfauros

Weight Changes-

I’ll just beat to chase and say to my shock- I actually loss 6 lbs but somehow I feel way fatter. My stomach may seem a little flatter but not a lot. My clothes in no way are fitting me any different. My son has been real encouraging  (not) by telling me that fat is lighter than muscle so maybe I did actually get fatter and I lost muscle. Geez thanks kid!


I’m glad that for the last 30 days I have been paying attention and than processing it and sharing with everyone. It makes me accountable and I can see honestly what works and what doesn’t. The first week I was so much better than any other week, which is like with any “get health” thing. I had more energy though keeping that up but not to the point that I punished myself from enjoying outings and time with my family, experiencing New Jersey. I don’t regret that! I can also see how an excessive amount of goodies is no good! It hurts my stomach, gives me a headache, zaps my energy and my mood is crap.

I think if anything I really saw that having a little break over the weekend isn’t bad but day to day I need to focus on what’s best for my overall health more than not. It’s actually so simple but we make so complicated.

The harder part of all this was the workouts and the rest of life getting in the way of that. Staying consistent in a good workout and even pushing harder and harder is my struggle. I wish every workout I could see clear and obvious results every time!

Don’t we all.


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