Accountability Health Check| Four


Accountability Health Check

I’m weak in this place! The food here is insanely! As much as my husband keeps say ing WE needs to eat better…I really am eating just fine and have been. Speak for yourself buddy! My portions have been less, the type of food I eat at less 6 days most of the week are very good for my body and not full of preservatives and other junk.

New Jersey is full of beautiful food! The newest food I have discovered, is the New Jersey bagel and cream cheese. I would like state that these bagels are like nothing I have eaten before! I have had plenty bagels before and they are pure junk! You other states should be ashamed of yourselves. All these hard thick spongy bricks and that processed cream cheese! I thought that was all there was… that was until now!

New Jersey, you have changed the game! YUM!


So guilt is on the menu again. My stomach will hate me and I know better. I have this thing about wanting to eat food that taste really good… like bread. I am still eating plenty of veggies but have stopped eating so much fruit since these dang bagels. seriously, does it even matter? At least it’s real food!


I am still making sure to get my workouts in daily Monday through Friday, nothing has changed there. Yet, somehow I feel fatter? Maybe it’s the bagels? I know this week in general my activity level is the lowest is has been in awhile because my daughter has been homesick with a bad cold and high fever.

My walks have been shorter, my outside time has been cut down to less than half of what I do normally. However, my steps up and down the stairs are twice as much but it’s not the same.

Hopefully next week, my last health check post, I’ll have some good results.


Mental Health check

This is one place I really have to be care with because everyone, I feel is watching one place too.

I do think I am doing good and my anxiety is settling down. Some frustration comes up every now and then because communication is a struggle for me with my husband and because I’m the one with anxiety- it must be me with the communication problem as well. It couldn’t possibly be both of us and even…him??? It’s hard to live with the world’s most perfect human. But somehow I do it. Was that sarcasm? Maybe.

Anyway, I had my second appointment with my counselor/life-coach and I did manage to meet everything on our first action plan. She does want me to get a savings of my own at some point but I’m nervous still about how to go about that. Baby steps.

Others things, I’m doing is writing down 5 things that I’m thankful for everyday and I started a marriage devotional/Bible study on Thursday. I got connected to my daughter’s PTA at her school, this will meet people and I need that!

Mentally and emotionally, I’m doing good…Sure, I have some tearful moments but they are triggered by people being hard and inflexible or just plain mean, not situations so much anymore. I’ll get pass them just like I do everything else. I’m stronger everyday.


4 thoughts on “Accountability Health Check| Four

  1. You just seem happier. And when you’re partaking of all that beautiful food just think of the beautiful workout afterwards lol!


    1. If I’m not careful I won’t look very beautiful and I’ll never catch up on workouts!
      I am happier but I still have so much to work on personally. The never ending project…


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