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Accountability Health Check




Well now…this last week was a rough one!  Jason has been gone all week so let me introduce myself…Hello, single mama here 😉 but I planned really well for this! Thank you Jesus for planners, counseling and color coding everything! However, my right foot hates me and anxiety has come to pay me a visit, that’s my biggest obstacle this week.



I’m coming off an awesome week and that’s really getting me through this week. Jason and I don’t get to spend that much quality time together and I hate that! Saturday we planned some time together and did a little shopping. Mostly, we walked around the mall, talked and drank coffee all day. It was such a great day for both of us. We just went with the flow and it was like the old days…so easy. I have missed that so much.

The next day he left for California for a week long meeting. I, of course stayed behind with the kids. There’s been so much going on with me and the kids this last few weeks that it’s hard to keep things straight some days but what choice do I have?

This week my own stuff started creeping up. I’ve had some anxiety returning which I’ll talk about at the end of this post. Normally, I wouldn’t do anything with it. “Fake it, till you make it”…which is crap by the way. This time I got help fast and felt secure enough to let Jason know.



I have been more hungry lately which is not like me. Like I said before, Pinterest and WebMD is my guide…but I guess, I should say I am getting guidance from a decent sources… It’s called Wellbeing.  It’s through Jason’s work and it’s how I get my life-coaching/ counseling and other health care needs.

There’s many different programs within this application that I can be part of to help me with anything that I need. It could be related to sleep, being more active, improving listening skills, saving money, eating better, parenting skills, family time, tracking energy levels…Honestly, it goes on from there.

How it works…

I have an app on my phone and I just check in a few times a days or whenever I need anything at all, to help me stay on track. It’s really easy and not only that I can connect to a real doctors or therapist to actually speak with, or do webinars to learn coping skills or learn healthy habits. All the informations is printable and in easy journal style packets so I can write my own notes down. I love this program so much and it’s been a life saver (literally!)

I have learned a bit about my own nutrition using this app but I don’t know everything. I do understand that the food that I put in my body controls more than my weight. It controls my mood, my ability to get good rest, my focus and how I tackle stress! My mental stability is number one to me so I need to do conscious of what I eat!

I didn’t do terrible this week but it was harder. One thing was that I simply was hungry more often so I ate more and I don’t know why.  The food that I ate was consistent…hard boiled eggs, hummus, veggies, fruit and almonds. I just ate more of it! The only real carbs that I ate was the noodles in my awesome spaghetti and a few pita chips with my uber healthy hummus. Although, I did take the kids out to eat Thursday after my emotional meeting with my counselor and I had a must needed cheeseburger but I didn’t eat the bread or have fires. But are cheeseburgers really bad for you, if the meat is of good quality? I’m voting this in as a health food! I’m a sucker and I love cheeseburgers! While I’m at it I think Pizza should be in there too!

For meats, I eat a little chicken or beef. I’m snacking on cheese and (real) salami if I feel like I need something with more substance. Living in Jersey, I’m telling you the marble meats and cheeses are to die for! But you know what has really got me hooked?

COFFEE! I have been drinking an insane amount of coffee. Especially, now that I know about Wawa’s! Why haven’t I heard of this place before! Anyway, I do drink water but not like I should. I get maybe three or four bottles and maybe a small bottle of gatorade all day, the rest is all wonderful coffee.

Seriously, I drink 20 real measuring cups a day, which is about 10 mugs. Because this is my weakness and I LOVE my coffee so very much, I knew that I needed to back off the sweet (yuck) creamers and get something better for me. Now I am going to try real cream and I also have Coconut cream, Almond cream and I bought all natural (with real vanilla) cream as well…we shall see???

That’s all for food…



I have had to focus on my upper body and if I’m being totally honest, I’m bummed about it! I got my myself a case of Plantar Fasciitis and I’m pissed! About 5 years ago I notice my foot was hurting so bad that I was sure it was broken. I was sent to a Podiatrist is figure it out.

After my second child my health declined badly in just about every way imaginable. The amount of stress that hit Jason and I didn’t help things. Overall the pregnancy was the most difficult on my body and mind.

I was told that many women have issues with there feet or gallbladders after their second child…I won that jackpot! My feet went from a size 6.5 to an 8 and in some cases depending on the shoe I need a 9! Don’t get me started on the gallbladder! I’ll say I don’t have one now.

Forgive me for the gruesome description but this is how it was! Years of the bones in feet dislocating after standing for long hours or wearing a heels, was gross and painful. Painful doesn’t really doesn’t it justice! It would pop back in after the redness and swelling went down.  I stayed off my feet when I could but I’m mom…a wife and worked so you can guess how well that went down… not great.

The foot pain seemed to chill out after the first 2 years. I was just careful to NEVER wear dress shoes, ever! However, when I would run or do any workouts that would require me to put pressure on my foot, it would KILL me! I went back to the doctor 3 different times in Colorado and was told it’s Plantar Fasciitis.

There’s nothing I can really do to fix it. I can wear better shoes to ease the pain but I spend that kind of money of everyone but myself. Those shoes are hundreds of dollars! I could stop being on my feet so much but I just got done working a job that had me on my feet all day and never paid me…that was awesome! Fact is, I will always end up doing whatever is asked of me, even if it’s bad for me! Then there’s surgery for really bad cases, which is if your foot is cold all the time and numb and in terrible pain… mine. Shoot!

My Foot…My Workout..ish

I was pain this week. Everyday. I’ve been pushing it for awhile now and it was just a matter of time but it was this bad! I killed myself when I was in CA and it hurt all the time but now I’m jumping and holding my body weight in uncomfortable ways, for uncomfortable amounts of time. It finally got so bad the pain was running up my leg and I couldn’t hardly walk or put any pressure on my foot at all.

After no weight on my foot for a full 48 hour, it was about 40% better. I could finally limp with a decent speed. I decided to try to take the kids to breakfast, go to the store and look at bedding since were freezing here. I wanted to workout so I babied my foot but by 5pm I couldn’t use my foot at all again. So damn fursating!

My parents did buy me some special compression socks and although I still need to be careful, the throbbing is so much better! Now that I have these socks, I wanted to try more than just short limping walks, bicycle and side crunches and leg lifts. I was still doing arm workouts with my bands but even sanding hurt my foot, so I wasn’t doing much this week. The last two days of the week, I went for longer walks, did more leg workouts and even did a 30 second (don’t judge me) plank. But the plank is what killed my foot!

Mental Health is the most important health of all!

This blog was suppose to short but somehow I managed make this far to long… so if you’re still here…ONE- I’m shocked and TWO-…thank you!

But like I said at the top of this blog, I’ve had a small bit of anxiety. It’s nothing crazy or overwhelming at this point. It is causing me nightmares and I’ve lost sleep over it. This causes me to be sleepy during the day and that’s when I make mistakes that I normal wouldn’t.

Sometime I think that being happy feels weird and I’m waiting for it all to go away. I like it here and I want it to be good for all of us so badly. The pressure of making this place good home for everyone, including myself causes worry… that I won’t be able to do it.

I started up my counseling again and I’m not hiding it from anyone this time. My first meeting was Thursday and it was more needed than I knew. But aren’t they always.




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    1. You are no doubt correct on this! I have a terrible addiction for sure. I go through phases where some points I over do it ( like now) and other times, I’m about half that. It’s all no good! I’m drinking coffee because for one, I do in fact love it but also just simply put…to keep the migraine at bay.


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