Here We Go Again…



So we knew our time in Minnesota wouldn’t be long. We just had no idea how long…or how short our time would be. But the time has come for the Kelly’s to make our next move. Minnesota/North Dakota has been good to us but I am okay with leaving…mostly. This place isn’t for wimps, that is a fact! Especially, if you’re going at it alone like I was. This place has made me stronger than I ever planned on and I am thankful for it but I don’t wanna do it again! It also gave me one of my dearest and closest friends.

The winters here are brutal. You would think that I would be fine with snowy winters, being that I am from Colorado but NO, Colorado does not see snowy, icy, freezing winters like this. It’s damn near impossible to breath, walk, drive, find a place to put your snow… it just never ends here. The sun seems to take a good long vacation from us here in the winter, it’s basically a constant state of gray all winter. This gets beyond depressing! Colorado is sunny even when it’s cold. And Colorado does not have -45 degree temps…ever. The wind here in Minnesota is deadly. Coloradans think 30 mile an hour winds are bad, try 65-80… Yeah, that’s a fun time! You just stop trying to look nice after awhile, 20 pounds of winter gears, a winter hat, huge boots and a 24/7 red frozen face…wind-blown hair…yeah, it’s a great look. HA!!

Hittin’ The Road…


I welcomed the change when we got the news we were headed north about a year ago. Living in Colorado our whole life, you’d think we would never want to leave but that just wasn’t the case at all. Our family needed a shake up. We needed a change. Little did we know how much we needed that change in our life. God was 100% guiding us on our path here and He still is.

It was an awesome, crazy adventure for our family. The whole process, saying good-bye to friends and making new ones. Exploring new parts of the world together and making unforgettable memories! Having only each other to count on, trusting in ourselves and our Faith fully. We have had our share of hard times and truly amazing ones. I have gotten to know myself in ways that I never knew possible and I’ve found out that actually, I like me. I have stronger, closer bonds with my kids then I ever did before and I am so grateful so that. My marriage has been tested to the limits and we have only grown closer on a whole different level that I never knew even existed. And now we are getting ready after only a year to make another move! Ready or not!

Could You Be Our Home?




We have two places we could be moving to ( at the moment…things can change fast around here), one being San Antonio/Austin Texas area. We have done this waiting game before. It’s hard to wait. The not knowing when the call will come, and knowing what will come. The packers, the movers, packing up my Keurig and K-cups… I get shivers just thinking about it. The possible traveling 22 hours to temp houses with two kids and two dogs. Let’s not forget the dog puke and all of the gas station restrooms. It’s an experience! But we also have lots of mid-night snacks, hotel pools and car ride silly songs and games along the way! I wouldn’t trade it for a second!

So if we get Texas, it’ll be good. Ahh, the sun! The Texas heat! I know it gets HOT! But I’ll take hot and sunny over frozen, tundra death any day. It’ll be different but that’s okay.

When I think of Texas I think of ice cold sweet tea and lemonade, front porch sitting and lazy afternoons. I think of swimming pools and fishing trips. I think of some really good Mexican food  (which I miss so much). I think of beautiful Farms and Ranches! I think Chip and Jo Anna Gains… I can’t help it. My mind just goes to a sweet little rustic home where everything looks old but it’s not. You know what I’m talking about! I love them!

Or Will We Call You Home?



Alpharetta, Georgia! When I think of Georgia, I think home cooking, sweet tea, peach cobbler and porch swings! I think of tree lined streets, sweet smells, and coffees shops. I am excited to see where God guides us. Either way the weather will be warmer, right!

I am 100% committed to God’s plan for us… wherever that is. As long as we are together that’s all that matters in the end.

We’ll Never Forget You…

Image 10

No matter where we go I will forever be grateful for our time here. Minnesota has changed me for the better. I’ve grown in so many ways! I am stronger and happier! I have made great friends here. I have taken my health back and my mental health as well! Being here has really shown me who is with and for me and who isn’t. I have been able to sort out everyone in my life in a health way and stop being a door mat. I’ve been able to take my power back and feels great! I am me and that feels really good! So thank you Minnesota. It’s been real.

xoxo sk


I’ll keep everyone posted on our next adventure. It should make blogging interesting!